October 4, 2015

Our Unique Process

We work side-by-side with you building strategies towards creating financial success, provide ongoing monitoring and progress update meetings. We will also work with your accountant, attorney and other professionals to insure all of your wishes are taken into account and make sure nothing is overlooked. This ongoing relationship provides support and peace of mind knowing that all of your financial planning components are being macro-managed by a professional advisory firm. Your time is freed up to focus on other passions in your life.

Step 1 Introductory MeetingOur Unique Process

After getting to know each other and discussing your goals and dreams, we will introduce you to the Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process (LEAP®). We will talk about the fallacies of current financial and estate planning and set your expectations for the future. You will leave this meeting with an understanding of our process and a Confidential Questionnaire to be completed prior to our next meeting.

Step 2 Questionnaire Review Meeting

To plan for the future, you have to first understand your current financial position, which is why LEAP arms you with a discovery process. In a financial world that is constantly changing, knowing how your money works helps you control the pace of your cash flow and financial direction.

Step 3 PS&G Model® Meeting

Using the information obtained in our second meeting we will look at your present financial situation on the PS&G Model to identify the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of your current strategies.

Step 4 Strategy Meetings

Armed with the results of the PS&G Model meeting and our discussions we will begin implementing strategies to create additional wealth with a minimum of additional expenditures. The number of meetings will depend on the complexity of your personal financial situation.

Step 5 Regularly Scheduled Meetings

(Wrap Up and Review / Constant Collaboration)
We will maintain the role of Macro Manager for your financial well being. We will meet with you as necessary to review and modify the plan to reflect any changes in your financial status. With LEAP’s interactive tools, we are able to constantly communicate and stay on the same page — even when we are not physically together.